When Chef Andrew Garbino first explained his modern take on french cuisine we were in awe and knew we had to be involved. After a tour of the restaurant and a solid meeting we began. For The Twisted Frenchman we created the branding and website. The branding goal was to create a modern restaurant logo with some class. Taking a calligraphic font and mixing in a san-serif typeface we we’re able to create this blend of styles. Taking a color palette directly from the interior of the restaurant we finished the menu, website and other branding materials.


The Twisted Frenchman’s logo displayed on a window.


The logo above was conceived by combining a calligraphic font with a san-serif typeface. The calligraphic font gives the logo it’s elegance, while the sans-serif contrasts with high readability. We then took the logo and created a horizontal version and brand mark out of of the “T” in Twisted and the “F” in Frenchman. This enable The Twisted Frenchman to always have a nice fitting logo for any occasion. Moving on from a black and white logo into color studies the brand began to take form. Taking inspiration from the restaurants interior we formed a nice five color palette consisting primarily of a cream and teal. With a color patellate in place we created a menu, business card, and social media images.



The Twisted Frenchman needed a website ASAP when we began the project. To satisfy this speedy request we set out to create a simple one-page website that really focused on the menu and making reservations. Using WordPress and the Genesis Framework we were able to construct a lightning fast, mobile-friendly website in our small time window. After the site launched we saw a lot of traffic coming in along with a bunch of newsletter subscribers. Due to our SEO efforts, on average the site now gets 2,300 page views a month!