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Social Dish is a friendly competition between Pittsburgh area restaurants and their chefs. Each restaurant that participates creates a unifier dished based off of an ingredient chosen by the Social Dish team. Then for a whole month customers may try the new dish and vote. Restaurant with the most votes wins some bragging rights and free entrance into the next Social Dish competition. Being our teams first real world project since the birth of HitchHiker, it held a special part in our hearts.


Social Dish kicked off their event in 2014 but felt that the marketing and branding of the event could use an overhaul. We began with the logo with a simple brainstorming session that evolved into a mood board. With all our thoughts out on paper we really took into account the where this logo would be seen and by whom. We ultimately fell in love with hybrid shape of a serving dish and speech bubble. Taking the words Social Dish quite literally we were able to create a timeless and memorable logo. Avoid a cliche food color palette like red or yellow, we brought in a bright teal for a primary color and using white and black with a few shades between for everything else. This really helped us create a strong visual hierarchy within the website and printed materials.


The websites function was simple, display currently competing restaurants, past winners, and how to participate in the event. We created a site that has as much visual impact as it does functionality. Primary focused on the home page, the site is actually not a one-page design. It featured pages for each of the current restaurants and even a whole section devoted to past winners. The website can also act as the voting portal in which users can vote on their favorite dishes with ease. All of these votes are placed in a sortable database that can calculate the current winner of the round.