Professional painter Matt Jaworski’s family business has been running since the early 1970’s with the goal of offering perfectly painted interiors and exteriors at a great price. That is just what they have been doing and to keep up with the ever-changing world they came to us to bring the brand a new face.



Taking the old logo as inspiration we began the process of branding Jaworski Painting. We created a list of anything and everything a painter might use or that might be associated with a painter to get a visual element for the logo. We settled on the paint roller as it is not as commonly seen as a paint brush but still is instantly identifiable as a painter. Choosing the vibrant green and dark gray as an was decision as this color combination works well in interior design. The sans-serif typeface creates a highly readable and clean logo.


Owner Matt informed us that he receives a lot of his business through his website at The site was outdated and had a lot of content to read through. We began by identifying the key points and bringing them to the front of the visual hierarchy. This really meant trimming a lot of content off the site, really letting that key information be seen. Another big element to the site was the instant quote form. The form had the job taking a set square footage and applying specific costs based on other options selected, ultimately giving the user a quick quote of the job they need done. Once the form is sent, Matt receives an email with the lead info. Matt now maintains and updates his businesses website himself with the occasional help from HitchHiker.