A long time ago businesses that wanted a CMS (Content Management System) had to pay big bucks to big teams of developers. This led small-businesses down the road of static HTML sites or even more horrifying, flash websites.

Then in 2003 WordPress was born as a line of code to help improve the typography for, what was then, a small group of users. Today WordPress powers 23% of websites, according to W3Techs. Some of WordPress’s success came from its open-source origin. Open-source simply means developers from around the world can all work together helping the software grow in strength and capability. Because WordPress is such a large-scale collaboration, it grows exponentially in power and stability with each new version. And so begins the list of reasons to use WordPress as your CMS.


It’s Free

That’s right, WordPress is completely free! When you think about it, that is really quite amazing. You get a product created by some of the best developers in the world. They even routinely to upgrade the platform, always keeping you up-to-date!



WordPress themes give your site its appearance.

Themes / Appearance

We all know how a site looks is a huge factor in the success of that site, right? Well no worries, within WordPress it is relatively simple to change the appearance of your site. Each WordPress site must have a theme, which is the basic appearance of the site, and there are thousands to choose from. Here at HitchHiker Creative we create powerful WordPress themes that fit right into the branding of your business and meet your specific goals. Themes generally come in two forms: premium themes that cost money but usually boast extra features, and free themes that are generally more basic. Check out the links below for some of our favorite theme marketplaces, or feel free to contact us about custom WordPress themes.

Premium Theme
Free Theme



Plugins add functionality in the form of neatly packed code.

Plugins = Power

Need a photo gallery, or perhaps a way to share your newest blog posts on Twitter? Look no further than WordPress plugins. These powerful bits of code are similar to the apps on your smart phone. They come in all shapes and sizes, and just like those apps, there is one for pretty much every situation. These plugins also come in both premium and free versions. To give some insight on what plugins we use here at HitchHiker Creative, we have listed our potential MUST HAVE plugins for every site.



With more and more store owners moving sales to the internet it’s no wonder WordPress has seen so many e-commerce solutions enter the market. None of the solutions stand out more than WooCommerce. We use the WooCommerce plugin for most of our clients seeking to sell products online. The amazing thing about Woo is its ability to integrate with additional plugins. WooCommerce can link into virtually any merchant account or online payment gateway with a simple plugin. It can also handle things like bookings and invoicing. The uses of WooCommerce are vast and allow us to set up an extremely strong online store for a small-price tag.


The Future of WordPress

WordPress has had a truly great start and seems to continue to grow at a faster rate than any other CMS platform. This speaks to its ease-of-use and ability to quickly adapt in the modern digital ecosystem. We have already watched, what was a blog platform, turn into the most widely used content management system in the world. I have no doubt that WordPress will continue to evolve along with the hundreds of brilliant developers that are behind it. We here at HitchHiker Creative have acknowledged this future and learned WordPress inside and out to better serve you and your business.


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